Workshops 360 is a collaborative and creative lab space in Miami where you can pursue your ideas, works, passions and more. It integrates a community of artist’s entrepreneurs, coaches and creative people who work together in a shared space to reach their individual goals. We host corporate training and have space for different workshops in Miami, Fl.

Offering a Venue in Miami

Workshops 360’s mission is to empower and inspire artists, coaches, speakers, entrepreneurs and visionaries by being part of a community that will provide unlimited tools for professionals to network in a wholesome 360 platform to reach individual goals.

Workshops360 offers you a creative integrated learning experience through:

  • Creative Lab space
  • 360 Networking
  • Exclusive workshops, classes and seminars
  • Exclusive Events
  • Venue rentals for private events


This concept will start to spread and create an even bigger impact in a community that connects infinitely like a circle. We envision Workshops360 in many countries of the world starting in South Florida and Latin American countries.
The only requirements for members of this community are to believe in themselves and have the capacity to visualize beyond the obvious.

Key Of Our Successful Business workshops

At Workshops 360 we believe in sharing the best version of ourselves to improve other people’s lives and our own.

We believe three fundamental pillars should be balanced to achieve a successful business: the body, mind and soul.

At Workshops 360 you will find a variety of classes and events that will encourage you to work on these three areas.

Satisfied Customers

Workshops 360
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